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Even though you can continue using Facebook Albums Downloader, there is another project THE ALBUMS DOWNLOADER which is the successor to FAD. It would be great if you check out that project. It has better performance and features than FAD. See you there!! And just to let you know, there won't be any more updates for Facebook Albums Downloader.


We all are friends with people from all over the world on Facebook. And some of them post amazing  photographs of their journey to some exotic location or of their most memorable moments which you were part of.

 We all love viewing such photographs again and again and we do download some of them. But the problem arises when we want the complete bank! Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't provide us with an option of downloading an entire album and that's where Facebook Album Downloader will be a handy desktop application.

 The best part of this desktop application is that we don't have to worry about the albums being stored on third-party servers from where you would eventually download the entire zip file. It's a bit lengthy and time consuming task. This application brings all those photos right to your computer. It's easy and very simple to use.

External References:

Github - Softpedia - CNET


 Java 1.4 or more and Internet


 1. Fetch your tokens by logging via Facebook on (Your credentials will not be saved   anywhere)
 2. Open the application and enter the token value.
 3. After you've logged in, your friends will be shown to you. Click on any friend image / button whose album you want to view.
 4. Shift to the albums tab (Ctrl + 2). From the drop down, you can select any album.
 5. Once all photos in the album has been loaded (identified by hiding of loader icon) click on download.
 6. You can view your downloads in the downloads tab (Ctrl + J)
 7. You can change the download location by going to downloads > download folder or Ctrl + Shift + J.
 8. To view where the album is being downloaded, shift to downloads tab and hover over the on-going download. The path will be made visible to you.
 9. You can download only 5 albums at a time.
 10. You can specify whether you want to download the utmost quality, if yes, then check 'High Quality' next to download button in the albums tab.


 The lib folder should be in the same path as Facebook Album Downloader.jar, otherwise the application  won't run.





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